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We started with a simple idea For Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Natural Foods and Exports is a combined effort of several people who share common love for foods and animals. We are a team of dedicated professionals working together to deliver you with the best food products and services. Himalayan Foods and Exports has been a part of the food and technology industry since 2012. We are FDA certified company and all of our products are approved by Department of Food Technology and Quality Control and Department of Livestock Services under Government of Nepal.

Being dog lovers we wanted to create a product special to the animal we love. With years of hard work and dedication we have finally brought you Himalayan dog chews, a healthy treat for your dogs. Himalayan dog Chews are made from high quality fat free yak milk. It is a delicious treat for your pet from the mountains of Nepal. We guarantee that our dog chews are 100% organic and healthy.


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Our vision

Himalayan Food and exports was established with the aim of promoting the unique taste of Nepal through food products. We hope to be a prominent name in the pet industry, while building trust and relationship with our customers. We value the quality of the products we manufacture, and the several farmers and individuals who work with us.

Our vision is to prosper and be able to help lives of several farmers, women and street dogs. We believe that small initiatives and acts can create a great change in someone’s life. We hope that with the profits gathered from the exports of our Himalayan dog Chews and a little bit of help we will be able to support several lives.

So what is Himalayan Dog Chews?

“Churpi” is a traditional cheese made from yak milk in the Himalayas. It is mostly consumed in the mountain regions of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. There are two types of yak cheese: soft yak cheese and hard yak cheese. The “Hard Yak cheese” has gained popularity over the world as “Dog chews”.

Dog chews are a special treat for your dogs. Dog chew is an alternative for chew toys. It is hard and takes several of hours of work to be consumed. Your dog will has several of hours to enjoy this healthy and delicious treats in its leisure time.

Where we get the yak milk?

Since, Himalayan food and exports is a company based in Nepal we have direct contact with thousands of farmers from the Himalayan region. We work directly with our farmers, to ensure that only high quality yak milk is used for our product.

Our Manufacturing Process:

Our manufacturing process is quite simple. We use fat-free milk yak milk with a pinch of salt and lime juice to create these delicious treats. Our dog chews are healthy and organic.


We believe that the quality of a product defines the company and the people involved with it. We take extra measures to ensure that our product stands up to mark of quality assurance. With over five years of experience in this field, we assure you that our product is of high quality and 100% organic.

Our products are approved by Department of Food Technology and Quality Control and Department of Livestock Services under Government of Nepal.

All the farmers and the staff that work with us are trained. Our manufacturing process is monitored by a skilled professional to ensure the quality.

Our Social Network:

Himalayan Natural Foods and Export believes in giving something back to the society. We have several initiatives and programs through which we support several individuals in a variety of ways.

Our Farmers:

We respect our farmers for the hard work they put into the product. So, a part of the company works for their needs and benefit. A part of the profit made from our exports is used to support education for the children of our farmers. We hope that this small effort will help our farmers and bring joy in their lives.

Support for Women:

At Himalayan foods and exports, we organize several training programs to train women in manufacturing ‘Churpi’ (Yak Cheese). We provide them with employment opportunities at our factories so that, they can support themselves and their families. Several women are now working in our factories through this program.

We believe that we will be able to help even more women in the upcoming years with your support.

Establishment of Dog Shelters:

After the establishment of Himalayan food and exports, we wanted to do something for the homeless and abandoned street dogs of Kathmandu. We are now setting up a dog shelter for these street dogs, where they will be provided with love and care.

We will provide them with the needed health care and attention. Families who are looking to welcome these wonderful dogs in their home will be able to adopt them from our shelter.

Volunteering and Research Opportunities:

We also have several volunteering opportunities for students and interested individuals. If you are interested to see the work that we do, you are welcomed to join us. You can choose to volunteer at our factories or with the several social events that we organize.

Our factories are open to researchers and individuals who would like to know more about us, or our work.

If you want to know more about us and our services feel free to contact us at any of our contact addresses.

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